New York

Glittering lines, thick layers of gloss, fuzzy concrete and vibrant colors create a living field of Grittier Glitz in this proposal for the barrier along East 161st Street in the Bronx. This is a proposal about an imperfect process of paint and surface over time along the length of this pedestrian barrier. Grittier Glitz is composed of five material layers ranging from a navy blue base coat to a final application of paint thinner to a gradient of crackled glitter. At the beginning of the installation, the final application will appear uniform - both inside and outside the tunnel. Through natural site conditions ranging from rain, to heat, to sun, to the hands of passersby, the barrier will evolve from the uniformity of its initial installation to a vivid gradient of texture, pattern and color. The site conditions will slowly reveal each layer over time at variable rates as it transitions from tunnel to open air. By working with the community to create the installation, the grit and texture that has come with the age of the concrete of the barrier and its components will not be smoothed over and forgotten, but an integral part of the aesthetics of the final mural.

New York City Department of Transportation, DOT Art Commission

Project Team: Abigail Coover Hume, Joanna Ptak, Crystal Griggs, Sophie Lilles, Talya Polat

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