OVERLAY OFFICE is a practice that layers innovative design, development and project management. The work places an emphasis on experimentation with the interplay between geometry, materiality, color and perception to create unique spatial and volumetric experiences.


Abigail Coover Hume, founder and director of Overlay Office has been building as an architectural designer and project manager in New York City, San Francisco and beyond for over 18 years. Abigail received her Masters of Architecture from Yale. Her work and writings have been published in the New York Times, Wired, Metropolis, Tarp, and Project and exhibited at The Druker Gallery, the A+D Museum, the Yale Architecture Gallery, One Night Stand, and the New York Center for Architecture. Along with Nathan Hume, Abigail is also a partner at HumeCoover Studio and co-creator and editor of suckerPUNCHdaily.com, a website that reviews the work of contemporary artists, architects, and designers who offer the stunningly unexpected. Abigail has previously taught architectural design as a lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and as a critic at the Yale School of Architecture. She currently teaches studios at the Pratt Institute.


Emily is a designer and project manager at Overlay Office. She received her Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Tulane University. Emily was a designer for Earth Lab, an ACSA award winning outdoor education center. She participates in numerous art, architecture, and Design-Build workshops. Her work was exhibited in the Tallinn Architecture Biennale.


Scott is a French national, who grew up in Asia, Europe, Russia, and Canada. He received a Bachelor's and Professional Master's degree in Architecture from the University of Montréal, and a Post-Professional Master's degree from Pratt Institute. Scott joined the Overlay team as of October 2019 and views architectural design through the lens of cutting-edge software and hardware, allowing for data driven optimizations and form finding processes.


Julia is a project manager at Overlay Office. She earned her B.Arch at the City College of New York and is currently studying at NYU-ITP. Julia is a native New Yorker and has worked at Henry Marc Design Studio, Selldorf Architects, SYSTEM Architects, Juan Alfaro Design, and Serett Metalworks. She is an editor and produces publications and has been a collaborator at AA Hooke Park, the School of Fine Arts at Fontainebleau, Beuth Hochschule in Berlin, and +Farm.


Adriana is a designer at Overlay Office. Originally from Peru, she grew up in Venezuela and moved to New York to pursue her academic and professional career. She received her Bachelor of Architecture from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. While in school she served as president of the Latin American Architecture Lab, a women-led student group that celebrated Latin American design and culture. She enjoys doing ceramics in her free time.


Alihan Dumankaya, Antonia Masvidal, Amber Farrow, Cameron Kursel, Crystal Griggs, Eden Duan, Erich Schachtschneider, Joanna Ptak, Kerry Garikes, Kyle Troyer, Luca Viverito, Madison Green, Maxwell Medley, Nathan Hume, Paul McCoy, Sophi Lilles, Talya Polat

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