Like any juicy love story, Love Knots is one of a myriad of dualities represented by Nodo d’amore. It is a love story of opposites - love/hate, silver/gold, Romeo/Juliet, glossy/matte, craft/technique, positive/negative, embossed/debossed. Love Knots uses the formal logic of a true lover’s knot to play with these oppositional relationships by weaving the embossed matte metallic gold lines of Juliet with the silver lines of Romeo through a complex dance that evokes the visual effects of bokeh.  These effects construct a blurred condition of layered effects creates oppositional readings through a field of depth and implied spatial movement within a static composition. Love Knots is the 100 year love story of Nilpeter, Farina and their beautiful wine.

Romeo and Juliet Wine Label Design Competition
Honorable Mention

Team: Abigail Coover, Joanna Ptak

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