Los Angeles

The motel room is often a generic space without distinct qualities. An emptiness with a few nondescript things filling the void. Most of these things and a good deal of the space are never engaged. The room becomes a place to sleep and clean up, the bed an island for reading, working, and relaxing. We’ve inserted a collection of things into the space to activate the empty unused zones and create rooms within the room. Textural and chromatic qualities are employed to saturate the generic space transforming it into a place full of heightened sensations. Characters filling the room and leering out the door and windows. The curiosity an open door at a motel elicits is amplified by these looming colorful figures framing the bodies inside, hinting at alluring new possibilities for the space. The threshold of the door or the bed become extended zones. Inside peers out and pockets of space overtake the bed. A multitude of micro thresholds emerge designating new spaces for use within the generic room

One Night Stand LA
Project Team: Abigail Coover Hume, Nathan Hume, Erich Schachtschneider



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